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Internal Developer Platform Enablement

Enable your development teams to frictionlessly consume Cloud Native technology with ease, using self-service cloud platforms.

  • Your cloud platform can use Cloud Native technology.
  • Development teams can easily adopt infrastructure best practices without costly delays to up-skill
  • It can be designed to directly serve the needs of the business.
  • It can scale.
  • It is fully automated.
  • It is secure and can be easily governed.

Benefits of cloud-based internal developer platforms: 


With access to modern tools and tech, you can enable citizen-led development through automation, guardrails and secure policies and governance which all leads to attracting top tech talent.

Our expertise across platforms enables vendor and OSS neutrality

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Cloud Modernisation

Use our cloud native thinking, strategy, tools and practices to help build your applications for the modern world - reducing failure rates,  increasing engineer productivity and reducing cloud costs.

Deliver value to your business or customers quicker whilst also getting the benefits of moving to cloud native:

Less Costs
Less Risk
More Scalability
More Resilience
Better Security 

Container Solutions will future-proof your infra through the use of Cloud Native standards.  We will use our technical expertise to help you with:


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DevOps | DevSecOps | SRE Consulting

Take your software development and delivery to the next level

Container Solutions holds partnerships and certifications that will help drive your Cloud Native journey further at speed and scale through adoption of DevOps and DevSecOps practices and tooling.

  • Get advice on specific tools and how to implement them into your toolchain
  • Benefit from implementation guidance.
  • Improve all your DORA metrics.
  • Work with our DevSecOps experts to alleviate your security pains.
  • Reduce the need for 3rd party or legacy support teams by implementing SRE
  • Set up proactive monitoring of your services.
  • Use telemetry to understand whats happening and where.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what's running in your estate.

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Cloud Optimisation

Did you think your Cloud journey would cut costs when you moved from the data centre - and yet,  your new Kubernetes infrastructure is now costing more?

Do you feel like your cloud migration doesn't make use of new cloud features, and your applications and services are no longer efficient in terms of performance and cost?

We can work with you to ensure you environment is right sized for your business needs and help you rapidly adopt new practices and processes and unlock new cloud features to efficiently innovate.

Together we will explore and look to:


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Technical Discovery

If your Cloud Migration or adoption is stuck, stalling or slow, our vast technical expertise will help accelerate progress.

  • Solve your technical challenges quickly.
  • Make progress at speed without distracting your current teams or burning them out.
  • Find things out without halting current workloads.
  • Perform rapid experiments with the latest technology to see how they can benefit your business
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Cloud Native Strategy

A Cloud Native strategy will reveal how to connect your engineering capabilities to your business vision. 

Using a piecemeal approach we help you build a
strong Cloud Native foundation so that you can
build what you need, as you need it, with limited

Cloud Native Assessment (CNA)

An in depth, light-touch, holistic assessment on organisational, cultural, technical infrastructure and development practices. It is designed to uncover all relevant factors and provide a roadmap to the next steps.

Production Readiness Review (PRR)

We take stock of your systems and measure how ready they are for users, SRE, customers... anything. The review will result in your reliability score: a metric you can use to understand and benchmark the stability of your systems, and ultimately how production-ready they are.

Technical Assessment

We design a technical review according to your infrastructure and organisational requirements. We do a deep technical analysis of how your software is built, packaged and released to uncover how to make your platforms more reliable, scalable and sustainable.

Case Study

A proof of concept can help a company reduce risk when undertaking a big project.

Discover how Container Solutions helped Bell Mobility investigate its options

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Cloud Native Maturity Matrix
(or 'How Cloud Native is your Organisation?')

Whether you're just starting our in the middle of a stalled transformation, the Cloud Native Maturity Matrix will reveal your gaps, need state and next steps.

It considers software, organisational, cultural and strategic contexts.


Maturity Matrix version 2023

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