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“Before trying a shortcutty-hacky-incremental approach, you need to make sure you’ve got a handle on both the technical and organisational challenges of rapid release cadences.”


Read: Holly Cummins uncovers practical innovation strategy using unconventional examples in ‘Innovation Anti-patterns’



Podcast- Sudden Compass Co-Founder Matt LeMay - Podcast Hero

Podcast: Sudden Compass Co-founder Matt LeMay on Effective Product Management and Conducting User Research

What has Matt LeMay learned about product management since the first edition of his O’Reilly book “Product Management in Practice”? He chats to Charles Humble in what can be dubbed the go-to podcast episode for new, veteran and wandering product managers


Product Thinking for Organisations: When Product Thinking Meets Company Values

What you put in is what you get out. So how do we put in the good stuff? Chisa Nwabara encourages strong product thinking by offering a framework for effective teams to build successful products.

Product Management

Five Key Questions to Diagnose a Sick Organisation

Do orgs meet the basic needs of their teams? It takes more than “Live, Laugh, Love and Lip Service”. Helen Bartimote urges leaders to reflect on whether they prioritise real wellbeing.


blog 5 - author image

The Importance of Product Managers Within a Team

What would your org be like without (effective) product managers? In his experience as a Cloud Native consultant, Mohamed Abdalla explains the problems orgs face when they neglect the importance of the role.



WTF is Product Strategy?

With Jamie Dobson hosting, Matt LeMay explains effective product strategy, how to know if it’s working, and how to pivot when things go wrong.



WTF is SRE? 2023

Guess who’s back with a brand new track? That’s right! WTF is SRE will be happening next year, in person, with 4 world-class tracks. 

Get ready for insights on Observability, DevSecOps, Reliability, and now DevEx (Developer Experience).

4-5 May 2023, London. Mark your calendar. Register your interest. It’s on.
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WTF is Istio?


Matt Turner

1 November 2022

WTF is Istio written by Matt Turner

Applying Product Management to DevEx


Joe Fay

1 November 2022

Applying product management to DevEx - Joe Fay


WTF is next for Developer Experience? Panel discussion with Suhail Patel, Hannah Paine, Crystal Hirschorn, Charles Humble & Jamie Dobson

WTF is Reliability, and how to get there? with Julie Gunderson


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