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A Deep Dive Into The Ever-Evolving World Of Cloud Native

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What the F*&k is Cloud Native?

It’s technology. It’s strategy. No, wait, it’s culture. Or maybe, it’s key to fighting climate change — and inequality? Buckle up and join us as we look for all sorts of answers.


“With so many uncertainties and risks in their future, how can an organisation, especially a Cloud Native company, adapt to changing conditions?” Andrea Dobson-Kock and Cameron Wood talk psychological safety, innovation and Blameless Postmortems



Build Tech You Won’t Regret

Jennifer Riggins, looks at unintended uses and consequences of tech - good and bad. As well as what to consider while building. 

Mending a Broken Psychological Contract: Understanding Liars and Ethical Dilemmas at Work 

Helen Bartimote explores the role of groupthink and the psychological contract in ethical dilemmas at work.

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Why Every Tech Company Needs a Psychologist

Andrea Dobson-Kock shares exactly how we can look after the brains that look after the company - and why pretty much any company should have a psychologist. 


WTF is Ethical AI? 

Arthur Casals asks a range of WTFs as he goes beyond the ways we’re used to things going wrong with AI. 


What’s the Hold-up?

 Ian Miell, Mark Schwartz, Barbara Eder and Jon Haines tackle constraints on Cloud Native in the enterprise 

30 June







What’s the Hold-up?

30 June, 2021 - Remote

A panel by Ian Miell, Mark Schwartz, Barbara Eder and Jon Haines on 30 June on regulatory industries and the constraints they pose to Cloud Native transformations 


WTF Is Cloud Native Operations 

8 July, 2021 - Remote

In this session, by Pini Reznik, Container Solutions Co-Founder, and Container Solutions CCO, Michael Müller, will explore core principles of Cloud Native, dive deeper into how to operate such systems, and look at how to build a successful CNO/SRE team. 


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