A Deep Dive Into The Ever-Evolving World Of Cloud Native

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What the F*&k is Cloud Native?

It’s technology. It’s strategy. No, wait, it’s culture. Or maybe, it’s key to fighting climate change — and inequality? Buckle up and join us as we look for all sorts of answers.


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‘I don’t know about peak Cloud Native, but we’re definitely at peak Cloud Native hype’.




3 Questions: WTF Is Cloud Native?

See what Cheryl Hung, CNCF’s VP of Ecosystem, thinks about Cloud Native and its biggest superpower. 

GitOps: What You Need to Know Now, 2nd Edition

Everything is changing So. Damn. Quickly. But we’re staying on top of it. We’re on the second edition of our latest ebook—GitOps: What You Need to Know Now by Ian Miell, a Cloud Native consultant at Container Solutions. He’s also written a blog post about the decisions you’ll need to make with GitOps. Start with the book. Get the download.


Case Study: How Cloud Native Powered
E-Commerce at Adidas

How do you go from €40 million to €4 billion in e-commerce revenue? Our editor-in-chief, Heather Joslyn breaks it down. 


Microservices: Pros and Cons of Cloud Native's Architecture

Microservices or monolith? Krijn Mossel, Cloud Native consultant at CS, explores when each approach makes sense. 

Upskilling a Team: an Engineers' Roundtable

To implement Cloud Native anything, your team will probably need to learn new things. Our engineers suggested some ways to get everyone on board.






WTF Is an Internal Developer Platform?

11 March 2021 – Remote (could it be otherwise?)

Join Chris Stephenson, of Humanitec, along with Container Solutions's Ádám Sándor and Jamie Dobson as discuss Internal Developer Platforms and how they can relieve pressure on developers in DevOps teams.


WTF Is Platform as a Product?

 29 April 2021 - Remote

Join Matthew Skelton, co-author of Team Topologies, and Jamie Dobson (you know him), to learn what 'platform as a product' is and how to get there. 


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