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“You have to test the software, not only make it testable. Similarly, you have to “observe” the software. Making it observable is not sufficient.” 


Read: Apostolis Apostolidis’s Observability Culture: How to Gain Understanding Across the Organisation



Practical Strategies for Implementing DevSecOps in Large Enterprises-Blog Hero

Practical Strategies for Implementing DevSecOps in Large Enterprises

Ian Miell explains how to overcome siloed teams and institutional inertia by strategically introducing tooling, baselining adoption, and evolving towards an ideal DevSecOps practice. 




Frictionless Security: Balancing Infosec and DevEx

Striking a balance between Infosec and DevEx is essential for companies to maintain productivity, employee satisfaction, and data security. So where does Shadow IT creep in and how can orgs manage this use of unauthorised tech? Julien Sudan unpacks this.

Frictionless Security Balancing Infosec and DevEx-blog hero

Podcast: Syntasso COO Paula Kennedy on Platform Team Responsibilities, Patterns and Anti-patterns

For platform patterns and anti-patterns, listen to Paula Kennedy address the ‘platform gap’ with Charles Humble on Hacking the Org. Proponent of the ‘project to product’ movement, Paula outlines how platform engineering can bridge the gap between infrastructure and getting software in the hands of customers. 


Why Your Desk is the Worst Place to Work-Podcast Hero

Why Your Desk is the Worst Place to Work, and Other Life Lessons from a Lazy Developer

The top debugging tool has nothing to do with tech. Holly Cummins shares a psychological, experiential, and very Holly-esque approach, to share where and how strategic thinking happens best. 



When (If Ever) is Cloud Repatriation the Right Move? | 23 March 2023

Join Ian Miell as he explores the latest development in cloud migration as questions come up around moving away from the public cloud.

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Do Not Negotiate Quality

Serdar Kalaycı

7 March 2023

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