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“There is no such thing as a secure system, so to ask a security consultant ‘is that secure?’ is to invite them to think of you as naive.”  


Read: Ian Miell’s Software Security Field Guide for the Bewildered



Podcast Jennifer Mace on How Google Does SRE - Blog Hero

Podcast: Jennifer Mace on How Google Does SRE

In conversation with Jennifer Mace (aka “Macey”), Charles Humble seeks to discover more about the definition of "site reliability engineer" and "toil", Google's SRE recruitment process, managing risk and speed, and a centralised SRE function's advantages and disadvantages.




Ditch the Template: Incident Write-ups They Want to Read

How do you make incident writeups more useful for learning, and less of an exercise in bureaucracy? Laura Nolan shows you how to cut through the boring (and not really useful) bits to make your incident write-ups compelling and informative.

Ditch the Template Incident Write-ups They Want to Read - Podcast Hero

Regulating the Cloud for the Financial Services Sector

Financial regulators are taking the reins when it comes to regulating the "critical" cloud service providers. This move has significant implications for the SRE discipline, and Jonathan Haines  explores what they are and how they might be a good thing.


WTF a Developer Platform is Not - blog hero

WTF A Developer Platform Is Not

Are your devs yawning (aaand frowning, eye rolling, crying…) over your platform? Jennifer Riggins explores exactly where you’re probably missing the mark when designing an IDP.



WTF is SRE? – 4-5 May 2023

The conference schedule is out and it's nothing short of epic. Brace yourself for a jam-packed line-up featuring top-notch experts delivering riveting sessions and hands-on workshops. Get your tickets today. 4-5 May 2023, London.

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