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A Deep Dive Into The Ever-Evolving World Of Cloud Native

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The ‘Best of’ WTF is Cloud Native? eMag
It’s got our most read and commented-on pieces from WTF is Cloud Native?’s first year of publishing. You’ve got pieces on ethics, how to nurture a neurodivergent workforce, predictions for the future of computing (and work), how to waste hundreds of millions on your IT Transformation, psychological safety, and more.

WTF is Cloud Native Conference
WTF is Cloud Native is a publication that’s become an event! If you missed it you can watch the videos here.You’ll learn how to bring together people, process and technology for a successful Cloud Native transformation.


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“So organisations, managers, and employers will probably be paying more attention to employee experience and employee satisfaction than previously. The question is whether employers will continue to pay this degree of attention to employees’ aspirations when labour markets balance themselves out.”

Joe Fay looks at the future of work.



The ‘best of WTF’ eMag

A wonderful collection of some of the best WTF pieces over the past year. 

Wardley Mapping and Agile at 20: It’s Not One-Size-Fits-All

Jennifer Riggins looks at Wardley Mapping to see where we should (and shouldn’t) be applying Agile.

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A Psychologist’s Guide to Reconstructing Work for a Virtual Future World

Helen Bartimote dives into digital exhaustion, designing jobs people don’t want to leave, and how leaders can show up for their teams as things continue to change.


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Is Agility Related to Commitment?

Ian Miell looks at how you can build agility into your contractual agreements (and when there’s no need for much agility at all).



WTF is Cloud Native

The virtual conference was a great success. Explore talks from Sam Newman, Cheryl Hung, Manuel Pais and Jessica Rose from the people, process and tech tracks!






WTF is Cloud Native? Recommended Reading List 2021

Anne Currie, Charles Humble, Charlotte Mach, Joe Glassfield, Jonathan Gold

11 November, 2021

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What is a Product Thinking Mindset?

Chisa Nwabara 

11 November, 2021

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WTF is Application Native Infrastructure? with Justin Garrison

What is SRE for Managers? with Cisco


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WTF at Blueprint London!

22 - 23 September, 2021 - In person

Join Jamie Dobson and many more to discuss all the Cloud Native WTF's. 

WTF is Application Native Infrastructure

07 October, 2021 - Remote
Justin Garrison will explain why it’s time for infrastructure to support applications natively for all of the functionally they need.

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