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“The tech industry works hard to break away from monolithic architecture. Yet, we’ve neglected to move away from the idea of the monolithic developer experience.”


Jen Riggins unpacks how accessibility considerations will result in better software in#A11y: Accessibility is Part of the Developer Experience”.




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Whitepaper: The Rise of the Internal Developer Platform

An Internal Developer Platform (IDP) enables flow so that your Dev and Ops teams can focus on what they do best—making and maintaining epic and valuable systems. Read the whitepaper from Container Solutions to see how IDPs are becoming a standard approach to crafting great Developer Experiences.

How to Design an Internal Developer Platform

Armed with steps and diagrams, Cari Liebenberg’s latest piece breaks down how to approach your creation of an Internal Developer Platform—and get essential business functions aligned.

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Podcast: GitHub Director of Engineering, Liz Saling, on Pausing Feature Development to Focus on Tech Debt and DevEx

“Imagine that you had the opportunity to pause feature development for an entire quarter to focus solely on developer experience and technical debt. What would you do with the time?”  Liz Saling shares GitHub’s outlook on the “Hacking the Org” podcast with Charles Humble.


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Who Should Write the Terraform?

So… is the Terraform written centrally, or by the stream-aligned teams? Explore 5 key factors to consider as Ian Miell offers new ways of looking at age-old questions and ponderings.




WTF is next for Developer Experience?

27 September 2022


Suhail Patel, Hannah Paine and Crystal Hirschorn are coming together in a panel discussion hosted by Jamie Dobson and Charles Humble. We will challenge our experts to give their ideas as to what we expect to see in the next few years.


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WTF is Evolutionary Architecture?


Cari Liebenberg

8 August 2022

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WTF is a Service Mesh?


Matt Turner 

7 June 2022



WTF is Reliability, and how to get there? with Julie Gunderson

WTF is GitOps in Regulated Industries?
with Ian Miell and Holly Cummins


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