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“...navigating within those different environments, searching for stuff, and tapping people on the shoulder for help all ultimately result in less time spent actually writing code.” 


Charles Humble speaks to Pia Nilsson in ‘How Developer Experience Portal “Backstage” Solved Spotify’s Complexity Problem’




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WTF is Developer Experience and Why Does it Matter?

Developer Experience (DevEx or DX) is about creating an environment in which a developer can do their best work. Charles Humble goes into a little more detail about what else it’s about. 

How Monzo’s Opinionated Platform and Tools Support their Developer Experience

How did this Cloud Native bank bring down the time to delivery and increase the number of changes safely released into production? We look at their effective tooling, automation, and DevEx platform.

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Podcast: Sarah Wells on the Role of a Tech Director, Internal Tech Conferences, and Developer Enablement at the FT

How do you drive adoption of the tools that you're building if adoption isn't being mandated? Charles Humble speaks to Sarah Wells about her success with engineering enablement and how the FT got there.


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WTF is Cloud Native Enterprise Architecture?

Pini Reznik looks at the role of Enterprise Architecture in connecting technical output to business goals, as well as Risk and Compliance needs.




Whitepaper: Banking on the Cloud


Why does transitioning to the cloud affect every part of the organisation? Explore this and more as Jonathan Haines bridges the gap between regulation and delivery in his jam-packed whitepaper. 





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WTF is Evolutionary Architecture?


Cari Liebenberg

8 August 2022

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WTF is a Service Mesh?


Matt Turner 

7 June 2022



WTF is Reliability, and how to get there? with Julie Gunderson

WTF is GitOps in Regulated Industries?
with Ian Miell and Holly Cummins


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