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A Deep Dive Into The Ever-Evolving World Of Cloud Native

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What the F*&k is Cloud Native?

It’s technology. It’s strategy. No, wait, it’s culture. Or maybe, it’s key to fighting climate change — and inequality? Buckle up and join us as we look for all sorts of answers.


“Many companies are declaring policies on when and where employees can work to support a hybrid remote workplace. These organisations miss the point that choice is key to successful remote work.”

Mark Kilby shares more truth bombs in his piece on hybrid work and how we can get it right.


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How to Make Hybrid Meetings Not Suck

Judy Rees says what we’re all thinking, but with the twist of some suggestions that just might fix things. 

Burning the Backlog and Aligning for Flow

Jennifer Riggins keeps us honest and realistic, and suggests burning that backlog if you want to move forward with valuable work.


If You Want to Transform IT, Start with Finance 

Ian Miell lays out exactly why this is - flowcharts and all. 


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Dart and Flutter

It looks like Dart is here to stay. Chris Swan dives into Flutter, full stack Dart, and why the latter is a good fit for Function-as-a-Service environments.


WTF is Cloud Native

Yes. The newsletter is now an event! The hybrid conference looks at people, processes and tech in the world of Cloud Native. Register for the in-person or remote event today. 

4 November





WebAssembly Where it Belongs - In the Cloud  

Kevin Hoffman

September 14, 2021

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is Doomed!

Anne Currie

September 14, 2021

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WTF is Cluster API? with Marcel Müller from Giant Swarm

What is SRE for Managers? with Cisco


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WTF at Blueprint London!

22 - 23 September, 2021 - In person

Join Jamie Dobson and many more to discuss all the Cloud Native WTF's. 

WTF is Application Native Infrastructure

07 October, 2021 - Remote
Justin Garrison will explain why it’s time for infrastructure to support applications natively for all of the functionally they need.

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