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A Deep Dive Into The Ever-Evolving World Of Cloud Native

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What the F*&k is Cloud Native?

It’s technology. It’s strategy. No, wait, it’s culture. Or maybe, it’s key to fighting climate change — and inequality? Buckle up and join us as we look for all sorts of answers.

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‘How would we like the next 20 years to unfold? The question needs to be at the forefront of all our minds because the Cloud Native community is part of this’.


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3 Questions: 
Sam Newman

What’s Cloud Native’s secret superpower? The author of Monolith to Microservices (with tech ethicist Anne Currie and the Financial Times’ Sarah Wells) takes up this and other big questions in a new series.

WTF Is WTF Is Cloud Native?

If anyone tells you with smug confidence that they know exactly what Cloud Native is, run away. The field is so new that no one knows the whole story. Pini Reznik, Container Solutions’ co-founder, explains why and how we’re asking the tough questions about it.


Pushing Your Cloud Provider
to Get Climate Friendly

WTF can you do to help save the planet? Engage in a little civil resistance, according to Anne Currie, Container Solutions’s tech ethicist. Movements with a low barrier to participation are more likely to get popular and generate change, she writes. Anne offers tips for getting your cloud provider to get moving on those carbon-emission goals.


WTF Are You Talking About?

Get some tips for discussing Cloud Native, free of jargon, with non-engineers at your organisation.

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WTF Is Cloud Native Tech?

What happens when you get a bunch of Cloud Native engineers together to define the technology they work with everyday? A lot of debate.




WTF Is Platform as a Product

 19 November 2020 - Video available

Join Matthew Skelton, co-author of  Team Topologies and Jamie Dobson, co-author of Cloud Native Transformation, to learn what platform as a product is and what is required to get there. 

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WTF Is Cloud Native and Why Should I Care?

12 November 2020 - Video available

Get introduced to fundamental Cloud Native concepts by Pini Reznik, co-author of Cloud Native Transformation, and learn why it's about more than just shiny new tech.


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