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The Employee Journey

At Container Solutions we love taking our employees on a journey of growth and learning. We offer personal development, not only on technical skills, individual and group coaching opportunities, a 10 month long leadership programme in collaboration with Mindgym and Mental Health support through our in house psychologist.

Are you ready to start yours?

How we hire

Covid and our new way of working

When the pandemic engulfed our world, we were jettisoned into a fully remote way of working. A recent engagement survey showed a clear change in the needs: we want more flexibility but still be able to meet, collaborate and share experiences in a physical space.

Container Solutions has embraced the All Remote way of working: working where you feel best. We will also maintain our physical offices in our current locations. Currently we have office space in Amsterdam, London and Montreal

Distributed teams

Dealing with a pandemic

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Our culture

What would we be without our culture? We believe in creating a work environment where everyone can thrive and be their best self.

How do we do that?

Making sure we life by our own values of creating a psychological safe environment for learning, reducing bias across our processes and our humanistic approach to management.

Psychological Safety


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