With an exceptional team by your side, you can discover what you are truly capable of

Core values

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We take skilled people and make them outstanding. We are Cloud Native advocates and leaders in the industry. We share this know-how with our customers and community.

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We work transparently and communicate openly so each of us improves on every project. By sharing our knowledge and experiences, we help each other grow.

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Break the rules. To find tomorrow’s solutions, we take nothing for granted. We evolve as fast as Cloud Native technology.

Working with us

“It's an exciting challenge to be in a position of advising people. You can present at conferences and learn how to influence people at different organizations.” 
Ian Crosby | CTO

“The work is cutting edge and constantly changing. We are driven.” 
João Lopes | Front-end Developer

“The office is a safe space where you are free to ask questions without being afraid of judgement. Being inquisitive is praised and mistakes are considered lessons.” 
Loredana Moangă | Front-end Developer

“CS is an inspiring environment where you will be able to push your boundaries and improve your skill set.” 
Maarten Hoogendoorn | Cloud Native Engineer

“I get a chance to develop my skills while working on cool tech with a diverse and friendly bunch of people.“ 
Thijs Schnitger | Senior Cloud Native Engineer


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Creative Space

Work from our scenic Amsterdam, Berlin, Zürich, London or Montreal office.

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Growth Opportunities

Our culture is based on learning and participation. We plan for you to give training, host meetings and speak at conferences.

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Dedicated Team

You will be able to access the company knowledge base while maintaining the freedom of focused collaboration and more flexible hours.

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Travel the World

We are active in the global, open-source industry around Cloud Native technology, so you get to participate in the best tech events and work with global clients.

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Spirit of play

We like to have fun. Enjoy Friday drinks and office parties - even chair massages! Check in with the team over coffee and catch up over catered lunch.

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Meaningful Work

At CS, there are no bureaucratic approvals or historic leftovers. You solve real problems and are in control of what is best for the clients.

Work all over the world

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Our Jobs