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happens, most companies get stuck.

We help you get unstuck.

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Our Story: What? 

Many large organisations can’t innovate simply because they can’t get out of their own way. Container Solutions’ eureka moment came when Pini and Jamie realised that companies were coming to them for digital transformations more than once.


Our Story: Why? 

In 2014, companies were moving to containerised applications, using Apache Mesos for cluster management (the only tool capable of scheduling containers at this point). In 2015, the same companies came to Container Solutions to migrate to Kubernetes.


Our Story: How? 

A migration is no small feat but Container Solutions has the skills and expertise to empower companies to lead many migrations themselves.

We help companies develop this ability through Cloud Native strategy, culture and technology.


Our Values

To support let’s-change-the-world mindsets, gutsy optimism, and future-proof thinking, we start from within. 

From our design thinkers and engineers to our finance team and marketing department, our people are problem-solvers at heart. We protect our empathy, creativity and psychological safety (and that of the teams we work with).



When we know better, we can do better.

If we don't know how to do something, we will learn. We learn from each other, our partners and from reflection.



People who feel safe to show up holistically bring more to the table.

We create a psychologically safe space by allowing everyone to show up authentically. This is supported by tolerance, accountability and blameless postmortems.



To go from adapting to change to creating change, you need new ways of thinking.

We experiment, grow, take risks, break rules, make mistakes and above all, we learn. This space for ambiguity and exploration is built into our methodology.



We combine diverse thinking and skills that leads to the most innovative problem-solving.

This is made possible through clear and frequent communication, willingness to have hard conversations and transparency.



We strive to do meaningful work that is of real value to others; from internal teams and stakeholders to customers and partners.

Passion, resilience and empathy drive us to achieve our purpose while helping companies achieve theirs.

Our People

We have a company full of highly-skilled people ready to help drive strategic, cultural and technical change.

Meet the team




Communities are the backbone of innovation. 

It’s how we share knowledge, opportunities and inspiration. It’s how we meet brilliant, wild and wonderful people. It’s how we keep tech responsible and safe. It’s how we keep up to date with changes. 

Community is how we keep the magic of technology magical.

Our Cloud Native
Transformation Toolkit

We have been helping our customers across industries move to the cloud since before Cloud Native had a name.

We’ve distilled many of the lessons into:


Our Services

Cloud Native Transformations (CNT) considers the holistic change needed to become Cloud Native. We look at the strategy, culture and tech of your organisation, and use our proven methodology to get you closer to your business goals.

Cloud Native Operations (CNO) is for Mature Cloud Native organisations. We help with Site Reliability Engineering, upskilling your engineers and enabling continuous innovation.


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