Join us for all the WTF's at Blueprint LDN and Jamie Dobson as keynote - 22 Sept

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WTF at Blueprint London!

15:00 CEST (2 days)
22 - 23 September 2021
Event is in person.

Join Jamie Dobson and many more to discuss all the Cloud Native WTF's. 

Who should attend: Everyone that wants to know what is coming their way in November!

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WTF is Application Native Infrastructure?

18:00 CEST (90 mins)
7 October 2021
Event is remote.

Join Justin Garrison who will explain why it's time for infrastructure to support applications natively for all of the functionally they need.

Who should attend: Cloud Native Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Technical Architects, Technical Management

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WTF is Cloud Native - The Conference

12:00 CEST (1 day)
4 November 2021
Event is hybrid.

We came.

We asked WTF is Cloud Native and many related WTFs.
And now we're ready to share some answers!

It's all about People, Processes and ... Tech. 


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: You should definitely attend if you want to know all about Cloud Native!

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Featured Event

WTF is Cloud Native? - The Conference

All day
04 November 2021
Event is hybrid.

We came.

We asked WTF is Cloud Native?
And many related WTFs.
And now we’re ready to share some answers! 
Spoiler alert: it’s all about PeopleProcesses… and Tech


Who should attend: You should definitely attend if you want to know all about Cloud Native.


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