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Upcoming Events

WTF is eBPF and Cilium

16:00 CET
January 20

Join Insolvent's Chief Open Source Officer Liz Rice together with Senior Solution Architect. Christopher M. Luciano at our first WTFinar of 2022.

They will talk about why eBPF is such hot technology now and why Cilium is being the only eBPF-based Kubernetes connectivity platform (CNI) providing the most advanced networking, observability, and security capabilities for K8s, VMs, and Bare-metal.


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone who wants to learn more about eBPF and Cilium.

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Chaos Carnival

2 day event
January 28 2022
@Chaos Engineering

Join Charlotte Mach, Engineering Manager of Container Solutions, who will participate in a discussion about chaos engineering and its fit with Kubernetes and issues such as reliability and observability. Chaos engineering practitioners, experts, and enthusiasts from all over the globe are joining Chaos Carnival to share and learn.


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone who’s interested about learning more about Reliability and Observability.

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WTF is SRE - The Conference

1 day event
April 28 2022
Event is virtual

It’s a conference about site reliability engineering, DevSecOps, observability, multicloud, and working with complex distributed systems at scale.

Designed by SREs for SREs — because we know what it really means to “hold the pager”.


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Site Reliability Engineers, Ops Engineers, Head of Ops, Head of Platform. Anyone who’s puzzled over the term ‘SRE’.!

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Cloud Expo Europe 

2 day event
Postponed to 2022
@ Messe Frankfurt

Located in Germany's data, finance and security hub, Germany's largest disruptive technology event, Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt, returns to Messe Frankfurt on the 8 - 9 December 2021, co-located with Big Data & AI World Frankfurt with BARC, and Data Centre World Frankfurt.

The 3 co-located events offer an unmissable opportunity to help you navigate the best route to your digital transformation. As you can explore, over 2 days in 1 location, ALL the latest emerging technologies to help YOUR business.


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone who’s puzzled over the term ‘Cloud Native’ and would like to learn all about it!

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Featured Event

WTF is Cloud Native? - The Conference

04 November 2021

Did you miss this 1 day Cyberpunk Fun?


Check out the videos!


Who should watch: You should definitely watch if you want to know all about Cloud Native.


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