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Upcoming Events

Agile Tour London 2021

Starting at 09:30 CEST
21 & 22 October 2021

Join Container Solutions' Head of People, Andrea Dobson on 21/10 at 12:00 BST participating in a panel about Psychological Safety vs Accountability.

And on 22/10 at 17:00 BST check out the Editor-in-Chief, Charles Humble at a panel discussion about Managing the Culture of Hybrid Work.

Who should attend: Whoever interested in Company Culture and their people. 

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WTF is Cloud Native - The Conference

12:00 CEST (1 day)
4 November 2021
Event is hybrid.

We came.

We asked WTF is Cloud Native and many related WTFs.
And now we're ready to share some answers!

It's all about People, Processes and ... Tech. 


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: You should definitely attend if you want to know all about Cloud Native!

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Cloud Native Security Forum

Starting at 09:30 CEST
9 December 2021
Etc.venues Chancery Lane (London)

Join Container Solutions' CEO Jamie Dobson at the Cloud Native Security Forum to learn what a Cloud Native Transformation is and how to successfully achieve one. This event is powered by our partner nuaware!

Who should attend: Anybody interested in moving to the Cloud.

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Featured Event

WTF is Cloud Native? - The Conference

All day
04 November 2021
Event is hybrid.

We came.

We asked WTF is Cloud Native?
And many related WTFs.
And now we’re ready to share some answers! 
Spoiler alert: it’s all about PeopleProcesses… and Tech


Who should attend: You should definitely attend if you want to know all about Cloud Native.


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