Let us help you build for change with our Cloud Native expertise.


Limit risk 


Move fast
without breaking


innovate and


Respond to
customer needs

As the world changes, tech changes, needs change, expectations change, competitors change… everything changes.

This is why your most important innovative capability is your ability to change. This is why a Cloud Native Transformation comes down to building a foundation designed for change; a foundation designed for possibility.

A successful transformation is designed from the inside out. It considers strategy, culture and technology.


Cloud Native Transformation

For Cloud Native beginners or stalled Cloud migrations.

For a Cloud Native Transformation, we do a Cloud Native Analysis (essentially, a gap analysis) and plot where you are. We look at your tech stack, communication processes, culture - everything.


Then we methodically plan and execute next steps to get you closer to Cloud Native maturity - quickly and with minimal risk.

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Cloud Native Operations

For mature Cloud Native companies.

For Cloud Native Ops, we do a gap analysis called 'Production Readiness Review'. We see how ready your systems are for Site Reliability Engineering and plot which steps to take to get your systems ready for on-call support, meeting reliability objectives and preventing root causes.

It’s how we get your incident response from reactive to proactive.

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Cloud Native Engineering

From onboarding and technical assessments to workflows and support, we can help you across tools like Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, Istio and Prometheus.

Get deep insight into service mesh, observability, monitoring, GitOps, CI/CD and managed Kubernetes, as our engineers and partners have expertise and certification across Cloud Native Technology.

Cloud Native Training

Does your team need training on installing a multi-node Kubernetes cluster using kubeadm? Or containerizing and deploying a new Python script? Zero downtime deployments, autoscaling, resource management, rolling back applications?

Our workshops are interactive, and in depth. Explore them and let us know what you need help with.

Why Cloud Native
(and not just a digital transformation)?

Previously, when you designed something brilliant, you could build and market it as it was - with very little change, for years. But the world has changed. We move at (almost) impossible speeds and technological

revolutions are no longer occasional. They’re (almost) everyday occurrences. 

And so, the Innovator’s Dilemma is born when your customer needs outpace your technical capabilities.

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The Innovator’s Dilemma occurs when your customer needs outpace your technical capabilities. 

By the time you catch up, there’s a new disruption and with it, more expectations.

Again, you need to catch up. When you can’t respond as quickly as you need to, you fall behind.

cs-services-7 (2)

 Transformation is a continuous process. 

The ultimate goal is to not have to transform again - this is the
key difference between a digital transformation and a Cloud
Native Transformation.

How can your organisation
become Cloud Native?

Our (proven and effective) Cloud Native Transformation methodology is
called TDBR: Think Design Build Run.

This is how we limit risk, make innovation sustainable and bring your
business goals to life.

We begin by plotting where you are on your Cloud Native Journey with
our Maturity Matrix and then we use Patterns to create your unique
Cloud Native roadmap - so we know which next steps we need to take.



Our  TDBR methodology  enables
us to help you:

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