Cloud Acceleration Programme

In just four weeks, we'll get you in the cloud, able to cope with the increased load to stay in business.

Container Solutions will help you and your team to stabilize your e-commerce platform and guide you towards robust operations applying our extensive experience in this field. This experience has been proven at customers such as: Adidas, Douglas and Inditex (Zara) and others.

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At Container Solutions, we’ve been helping global brands exploit Cloud Native technologies since 2014. We understand that learning to use the latest technology is crucial for enterprises to compete. We developed our training portfolio from our real-world experience guiding clients onto the Cloud and teaching them the skills to thrive there.

Container Solutions is one of only a handful of companies in the world that are a Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP), a Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner (ATP) and a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP).

Our high impact workshops are instructor-led and classroom based, building the capabilities of your employees through interactions with an expert trainer and their peers. Each session is a blend of teaching and hands-on exercises, providing participants the ability to practise what they are learning, as they learn it. 

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Professional Services

In our five years of guiding enterprises to the cloud, we have learned that some companies want to start small. We love leading our clients through a Cloud Native transformation from start to finish, but we also now offer six service packages, each of which can be completed in anywhere from two to six weeks. They are a great way to get the help you need quickly, and to begin a relationship with our experts. 

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Customer Reliability Engineering

You’ve taken the leap into Cloud Native. On your own or in partnership with Container Solutions’ engineers, you have designed and built a platform that gives you the ability to deliver more value to your customers, faster than ever, has given your engineers more responsibility and independence, and has opened up new business opportunities for your company’s future.
CRE, or Customer Reliability Engineering, is a new service we have created to help enterprises keep building on the advantages they gain by going Cloud Native. 

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Learn with CS

Check our knowledge base with topics like Kubernetes, Cloud Native and more.

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