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A Pattern Language for Strategy


First the virus, now the economic fallout—you need to launch your plan-ahead team.


Maintaining Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Crisis


The following guidance has been written primarily for use by Container Solutions employees globally, but it is being shared externally to act as a useful reminder for all workplaces in these challenging times.

How to beat an existential crisis by becoming Cloud Native


Pini Reznik, chief revenue officer and co-founder of Container Solutions, will provide a deep dive of the Cloud Native patterns and more that can help build an effective strategy for dealing with crises.

Tech Ethics in Dark Times


Anne Currie, a technologist with more than 20 years’ experience, will discuss how changes in the world are impacting ethical decision making in tech. The world has changed almost overnight. What does that mean for ethical decision-making in tech?

Coronavirus: Leading through the crisis

Insights on how organizations can respond, and what happens next


Coming soon...