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Our thoughts on Cloud Native's hot topics and constant challenges

The Resilient Company: Cloud Native Patterns for Navigating a Crisis


Get the new free e-book from Pini Reznik, CRO and co-founder of Container Solutions. He shares the Cloud Native patterns that can help you build a strategy to survive—and thrive—in uncertain times.


GitOp: What You Need to Know Now


GitOps is a workflow aimed at making software development easier. This new, free e-book by Ian Miell, a Cloud Native engineer at Container Solutions, explains how it works, the problems it's intended to solve, and compares some common GitOps tools.


SRE: The Cloud Native Approach to Operations


Site Reliability Engineering is being adopted by more companies all the time to help them stay competitive and retain IT talent. Learn more from the new e-book by Michael Mueller, Container Solutions’ managing director for DACH/CEE.


Fire Drills: A Guide to Preparing for Your Next Incident


Fire drills can help your engineers prepare for incident response before bad stuff happens for real—and help you keep serving customers without missing a step. Our new whitepaper by Elieser Pereira, a Customer Reliability Engineer at Container Solutions, shares our company's process for creating and running a fire drill.


A Pattern Language for Strategy


First the virus, now the economic fallout—you need to launch your plan-ahead team.


Maintaining Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Crisis


The following guidance has been written primarily for use by Container Solutions employees globally, but it is being shared externally to act as a useful reminder for all workplaces in these challenging times.

Microservices for Managers


Even well-established companies struggle to compete in the era of disruptors like Amazon and Netflix. But managers can make a huge difference in the fate of their businesses by embracing new tech like microservices. Such advancements, and the new ways of working they demand, can lead directly to improved business performance.


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