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Why Your Site Reliability Could Kill Your Business Right Now

In just four weeks, we'll get you in the cloud, able to cope with the increased load to stay in business.

Container Solutions will help you and your team to stabilize your e-commerce platform and guide you towards robust operations applying our extensive experience in this field. This experience has been proven at customers such as: Adidas, Douglas and Inditex (Zara) and others.


Traffic to e-commerce websites can easily triple or quadruple right now, but most of them aren’t prepared to handle such load as this wasn’t part of any strategy so far. When physical shops are closed, e-commerce is your only source of revenue.

Container Solutions will review your current platform in a standardized procedure and will help move these systems to the cloud or build a hybrid setup for elasticity, ensuring optimal performance and system availability to not lose a single customer.

The Cloud Acceleration Programme delivers numerous benefits:

A proven Cloud or Hybrid Cloud setup that ensures your e-commerce platform is running with optimal performance, availability and maintainability by  

  • Reviewing the current state and the definition of stabilization steps
  • Cloud Onboarding leveraging Open-Source Tooling
  • Providing optimal configuration
  • Migration of workloads
  • Re-Architecture of the software stack where required

You save time and money by using CS’s experience gained in projects with enterprises in a variety of industries, by avoiding complications from the very beginning. 

This is a professional service delivered by Container Solutions. It can be delivered in 4 weeks, fully remote.

Optionally, we offer three months of our Customer Reliability Engineering support during the peak of traffic.

This programme can be combined with any other of our services, including Professional Services and Consulting

Having trouble with procurement? Want to keep going? Flatten that curve with our finance packages.

Financing Your Package

We understand the current global economic landscape with great uncertainties. However, try and read our blog ‘Why Cutting Innovation Will Kill You After the Crisis’.

Therefore, Container Solutions now offers a financing solution for our services. It's completely interest-free and on the following terms.

Choose your payment terms:

  1. Regular payment on delivery
  2. Pay 90 days after the delivery
  3. Small monthly installment with full payment 30 days after COVID-19 is under control

During a crisis it's all about strengthening cash, but don’t stop investing in your business for it to work after the crisis. Get in touch today.


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