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Technical Assesment


Just starting out? Uncertain about which direction to go or how to resolve a software problem? This is where the Technical Assessment comes in.

A handpicked Container Solutions team will bring their knowledge and experience to help make the right decisions and create solutions that last.

The Assessment creates clarity by investigating the root cause of a problem within the wider business context, creates alignment through sharing and knowledge transfer, and provides direction by defining the next steps.

Our goal is to help our customers to be agile, innovate faster, and build highly scalable, secure, and adaptive IT systems. Sometimes, this starts with a Technical Assessment focussed on a single problem.



Days 1-2

Days 3


Preparation and information gathering

  • Workshops and interviews
  • Information gathering including business goals, the current state of technology and infrastructure, how people, processes, methodology, and technology interact.

Findings and Next Steps

  • Review findings and recommendations

Delivery Time

  • Three days, including preparation and handover, assuming the prerequisites are met in a timely manner.

This is for you if:

  • Availability of your employees (engineers, managers , and/or other people whose work is related to the Assessment)
  • Ability to share environments, code and related assets to give the CS team insight and understanding into the issues.

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