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This package is aimed at customers who wish to use Istio as a service mesh. Istio offers traffic management, observability, policy enforcement, and service-to-service identity and security. 

This service package will deploy and configure Istio on an existing Kubernetes cluster, in any configuration you choose, from basic to production-grade. In addition, we will integrate Istio with at least one of your applications. At the end, except for the Istio setup itself, we will provide thorough observability around it and any of your onboarded apps.

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Week 1

Weeks 2 and 3

Optional: Weeks 4 and 5


Preparation, information gathering

  • Understand how to integrate dependencies with their current observability tools (Prometheus, ELK, etc.)
  • Determine the scope of the project: Which applications will be onboarded? What Istio functionality will be used?

Basic setup

  • Install Istio
  • Install Kiali
  • Integrate with your Grafana/Prometheus. 
  • Onboard a demo application, or one of your company’s apps.
  • Provide you with documentation, knowledge-sharing sessions, and the codebase.

Production-grade setup

  • Use Istio gateway for services
  • Enforce mutual TLS on all services
  • Creation of network policies
  • Onboard more of your applications/microservices
  • Create dashboard(s)

Delivery Time

  • Three weeks for basic Istio setup, five weeks if production-grade setup is selected.

This is for you if:

  • A solid understanding of Kubernetes and its networking
  • A Kubernetes cluster that we can use to experiment with your applications. 
  • An already deployed stack of Prometheus and Grafana. (If not, we need to deploy Prometheus & Grafana.)
  • A Kubernetes cluster version is compatible with the latest version of Istio
  • The cluster for us to test is on ready
  • To provide our team the necessary access rights
  • On-site availability to the CS time of one Dev and one Ops engineer at all times

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