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This package is for businesses that want to use the managed Kubernetes service on Google Cloud. If you are familiar with Kubernetes, but you are not certain how to set up Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) using best practices such as GitOps workflow and infrastructure as code, this service can help you.

With our GKE Onboard package, we will set up a GKE environment with a supporting workflow in which you can test cluster service changes. At the end, you will have an application fully onboarded, and guidelines for continuously adding more. We will also teach you how to operate the cluster on your own.

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Week 1

Week 2



Preparation and information gathering

  • Your team and CS determine which services to move. 
  • Your expectations are defined.
  • We confirm your specific implementation details. 


  • Creation of Dockerfile(s) of your preferred app(s)
  • Creation of Kubernetes manifests for the app(s)

Platform deployment

  • Optimise Dockerfiles and Kubernetes manifests, if you provide them.
  • Connect you with Google Cloud.
  • Set up IAM for easy collaboration to the apps and ops clusters with Terraform with CI/CD.
  • Set up apps and ops cluster in one region with Terraform with CI/CD.
  • Train your teams based on the kubestack.com/guide.
  • Deploy, configure, and teach cluster tooling
  • Set best practices rules.
  • Onboard one application.
  • Provide documentation and guidelines.

2 Extra weeks (optional)

  • Set up apps and ops cluster in a second region.
  • Secrets management 
  • External DNS
  • Onboard a second application.

Delivery Time

  • Three weeks, or five if you want to include more apps, security enhancements, and multi-region clusters.

This is for you if:

  • You are already onboarded to Google Cloud.
  • Your engineers grasp Kubernetes fundamentals and usage.
  • At least one Ops engineer, and one Dev engineer from your company are available during the project’s first week. 
  • You have identified potential applications to be onboarded first, according to the acceptance criteria list provided by Container Solutions
  • You provide Docker images and Kubernetes manifests for these applications. CS can create these, but this will add at least a week to the project.
  • IAM has been set up by your company, to allow access to necessary services.
  • You tell CS how you want documentation, code, and presentations to be handed over.
  • Your IT team must dedicate at least 50% of its time during the engagement, in order to build competencies it will need once the project concludes. 

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