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If your company is planning to use the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services but isn’t sure how to configure the basics according to best practices for ease of management and security, this service package is designed for you. It will give you a rapid kickstart on GCP, regardless of what services will be used eventually.

This package aims to onboard your administration team to Google Cloud Platform; it does not address hybrid cloud requirements. The basic setup will include generic observability (monitoring, logging, alerts), secrets management, network setup, IAM policies, and a governance model. Once complete, we will educate the admin team how to take responsibility for the platform.

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Week 1

Week 2-3

Week 4


Preparation and information gathering

  • Governance: organisational structure, departments, reporting, and more
  • IAM policies: initial teams/users, required permissions, IAM model
  • Workload requirements: containers, VMs, etc.
  • Network: regions, zones, virtual networks
  • Security: handling secrets, keys, access to resources
  • Observability: required metrics, alerts, and initial dashboards


  • Set up organisation and initial IAM for CS along with your team.

Platform deployment

  • Create organisational structure: initial folders, projects 
  • Create billing and reporting capabilities 
  • Set up Cloud IAM for your initially onboarded team(s) 
  • Set up networking 
  • Set up security 
  • Deploy demo workloads to validate the setup.
  • Set up observability

Documentation and knowledge sharing

  • Knowledge-sharing sessions for all the above
  • Documentation creation in your preferred method
  • Code handover in your preferred tool

Delivery Time

  • Four weeks, including preparation and handover, assuming the prerequisites are met in a timely manner.

This is for you if:

  • A G Suite or Cloud Identity account in GCP
  • A GCP account owner from your company
  • Availability of your employees in the first week (network engineer, security engineer, GCP organisation owner, IT Ops engineer, and/or other people whose work is related to governance, security, networking, and operations)
  • You tell CS how you want  documentation, code, and presentations handed over.
  • Your IT team must dedicate at least 50% of their time for the length of the engagement, in order to build competencies they will need once the project concludes. 
  • An existing Organisation in GCP (we could do this potentially during the first week, if you identify the required person beforehand).
  • You assign our CS engineers as organisation admins for the duration of the engagement (same as above, can be done during the first week).

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