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Big innovation needs risk-taking. If there is no chance of something going wrong, there’s even less chance that it can go very very right. How do you manage that risk? How does a regulated organisation tackle that risk head on? 

Introducing the Rise of the Internal Developer Platform

Because sometimes, all that innovation needs is to strike some balance between collaboration, automation and self-service. 

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Container Solutions and Humanitec 

Software delivery at large organisations gets more complicated as it expands. Intentions to innovate often get in the way of the innovation itself. Systems become unreliable, impossible to maintain and there is significant, systematic cognitive overload. 

When undergoing a Cloud Native Transformation, an understanding of your own architecture, maintenance, delivery processes and internal culture is essential. 

Internal Developer Platforms make the most of that organisational awareness and autonomy and provide better developer experiences. 

An excellent developer experience usually results in an even better customer experience.

We help you adopt new processes, procedures and team structures to leverage Humanitec functionalities across your organisation. 

Why Humanitec? 

Simply (and hopefully, not too arrogantly), they’re probably the best. As the market leader, they know how to go fast, they understand what’s at stake, and they’re just great to work with. 

With IDPs, Humanitec helps remove Ops bottlenecks, lower mean time to recovery, empower Devs and tame scripts. Approached correctly, your own IDP will do almost whatever you need it to.

Have a look at what Humanitec and Container Solutions have to say on Cloud Native, Internal Developer Platforms, high performance and self-service: WTF is an Internal Developer Platform 

Internal developer platforms...

  • Allow devs to focus on relevant feature development rather than wait for Ops to provision infrastructure or answer tickets
  • Focus on optimisation and minimising repetitive tasks for Ops 
  • Provide environment management, from development to production with integrated CI/CD
  • Integrate repeatable patterns that Dev teams can utilize for their applications
  • Reduce the transactional load between Dev and Ops teams.

When does an Internal Developer Platform make sense? 

Most often, at that point where you’re wondering whether you should hire more engineers. 

Hiring more engineers (at any stage) will just intensify the core nature of your organisation. If your organisation doesn’t have a learning culture and isn’t collaborative, more engineers will probably just add to the mess. IDPs help with orchestration, streamlining and general workload reduction. 

Take a look at Internal Developer Platforms: 

  • When you’re leveraging hybrid and multicloud. 
  • When you’re part of or running a team experienced in deployment, scripting, and infrastructure. 
  • If you’re looking to scale your Dev team.
  • When you’re making a microservices shift.
  • When Devs need easy automation of immediate testing and deployments of new code.
  • To ensure consistency in development workflow processes.
  • To provide clear visibility of the Dev workflow. 
  • In high-regulation environments that are hungry to innovate. 

We (the collective ‘we’ across the Cloud Native space) tend to over-engineer approaches and recomplicate structures as development moves forward. IDPs relieve and distribute pressure evenly. 

Check out our upcoming webinar: Kubernetes won't save you 

Have a look at how Humanitec might serve as a GitOps alternative: GitOps: The Bad and the Ugly 

”In Container Solutions we found the perfect partner to support our enterprise customers in their journey to Cloud Native and building their own Internal Developer Platform. Our customers can get the best out of Humanitec and developer self-service, thanks to Container Solutions' proven expertise in successfully completing complex projects.”- Kaspar von Grünberg, CEO & Co-Founder, Humanitec

“Humanitec is a true gamechanger. The solution allows enterprises to build an Internal Developer Platform where Kubernetes best practices are enforced by default throughout the whole organization. Successful cloud native needs commitment to people, processes and technology. The way Humanitec supports this approach allowing developers to move fast without breaking things is really quite impressive.”- Michael Müller, Chief Customer Officer, Container Solutions

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