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At its core, our partnership with Giant Swarm enables velocity and agility; moving fast responsibly and sustainably.

This was stress tested at the height of 2020’s uncertainty, where Adidas saw 100k CI/CD builds per month, a 53% online revenue increase and a 750TB data lake. 

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Why Giant Swarm?  

Giant Swarm gives the power and freedom to build modern software that runs our world. They provide an API-driven Cloud Native Platform to provision and scale Kubernetes clusters on-premises and on-demand in the cloud with relevant managed services on top to run Cloud Native applications.

As seen in one of our case studies, Container Solutions and Giant Swarm are the ideal collaborators to ensure speed, efficiency, scalability, and reliability. 

What we bring to the table, together (Beyond Managed Kubernetes)

While Container Solutions specialises in Cloud Native transformation, strategy, and engineering, Giant Swarm operates the Cloud Native stack end-to-end. 

Beyond Kubernetes-as-a-Service, Giant Swarm provides enterprises with a Cloud Native platform wrapped in a managed service. This complete solution allows organizations to run workloads securely and reliably, at scale across private and public cloud environments.

How our partnership helps you grow

Together, achievements have been unlocked by focusing on three core pillars: tech, evolution and ops. 

  • Technology - the right framework to empower exploration and learning. 
  • Evolution - the freedom to grow and the knowledge to excel. 
  • Ops - the support needed to succeed, continuously. 

Okay. But how, specifically

CS and Giant Swarm work hand-in-hand to deliver strong, sustainable solutions. 

Together, we focus on: 

  • A fully-managed Cloud Native stack circled around Kubernetes to ensure speed, reliability and scalability
  • Real-time, human, 24/7 comms via Slack (instead of tedious ticketing systems)
  • Automation 
  • Hands-on training 
  • Holistic support 
  • Long-term solutions by training engineers in best practices
  • Deep technology advice based on ability to integrate and scale 
  • Coaching teams on principles and practices, to help keep ops overhead to a minimum

What that means for business

While some internal engineering teams might have the capability to become Cloud and Kubernetes experts, that’s not where they bring the most value. Because most enterprise goals are not to have the best Cloud Native Engineers; the most innovative architectures, preventative ML and agile processes. Most goals are to increase value, provide better customer experience, stay ahead of competitors and innovate at speed and scale.

For Adidas, their goals are to maintain competitive advantage, increase retail opportunities and foster innovation cycles. 

The partnership in action:

  • Helped Adidas go from €4m in online revenue to €4bn in 8 years
  • Achieved 100k CI/CD builds per month 
  • Fostered an incredible platform to support business innovation

Adidas’ goal was not to become the best at running Kubernetes clusters. It was to increase retail revenue and expand its e-commerce footprint - which is exactly what the partnership helped them achieve. 

Our complete Cloud Native approach empowers companies to focus on what matters most to them: delivering delightful customer experiences that drive business success.

”Above and beyond a successful partnership, our continued collaboration and knowledge sharing with Container Solutions delivers deepening value to our joint customers and teams. On a daily basis, our partnership strengthens and evolves in the interests of our ultimate shared goal: best serving our customers.” - Oliver Thylmann, Chief Customer Officer, Giant Swarm

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