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Here’s your guide to Site Reliability Engineering

What Is SRE?


Site Reliability Engineering, or SRE, an engineering practice formalised and named by Google, has helped many organisations maintain their platforms and ensure application performance and reliability, while also allowing for their application developers or platform engineers to innovate and respond to fast-evolving business needs. 

In SRE, responsibility for an organisation’s platform is split between two teams:

A product team, which focuses on delivery of the business value, application, or service (including innovation).
  • A reliability team, which focuses on both maintaining and improving the platform itself.

By providing a reliability team made up of our own engineers, Container Solutions can add additional expertise to your organisation's SRE practice. You can learn more about that here.

What Is Customer Reliability Engineering?

Our CRE service, adapted from Google's practice,  depends on two teams—one composed of your engineers, focused on innovation, another of our Cloud Native operations experts, focused on reliability. You get the best of both worlds: in-house innovation and expert guidance in keeping your business running reliably. Get our brochure and learn more here.


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