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What Is GitOps?


GitOps is a fast-growing technology movement that has become a hot topic in the Cloud Native community. 

The concept originated in a blog post from the software consultancy Weaveworks in 2017 entitled GitOp —Operation by Pull Request’.

The word itself combines the name of the source-control tool (Git), and its application to software operations (Ops).

GitOps seeks to reduce load on operational teams by leveraging key features of Git that make reasoning about software delivery and maintenance easier.

Since its inception, GitOps has grown as a movement alongside related technologies, including Kubernetes Terraform, ArgoCD, FluxCD,and  JenkinsX.

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Rafael Portela (pictured), Ádám Sándor, Mircea Cosbuc, and Steve Landry Tene

FluxCD, ArgoCD or Jenkins X: Which Is the Right GitOps Tool for You?

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GitOps Essentials is the latest offering from Container Solutions' education services. We offer a two-day workshop that introduces the concept of GitOps and gets you hands-on with popular tooling. Our workshop is aimed at software developers, DevOps engineers, and architects who want to gain experience implementing GitOps on a Kubernetes platform.Ask for a GitOps Workshop

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GitOps Webinar in Youtube


In Part 1 of this Q&A session, Ádám Sándor talks about Cloud Native CI/CD using GitOps.

GitOps Webinar in Youtube 2


Here's part 2 of our Q&A session with Ádám Sándor on Cloud Native CI/CD using GitOps.

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Ask us to help you set up a CI/CD pipeline with a GitOps workflow. It takes only four weeks.