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What is Cloud Native?


Cloud Native is an approach for optimising systems for the cloud. It harnesses the cloud’s most powerful advantages—flexible, on-demand infrastructure and powerful managed services—and pairs them with cloud-optimised technologies like microservices, containers, and continuous delivery. When done right, it allows you to drastically speed up building, testing, and deploying software, features and functionality—and do so easily and often, without ever disrupting user experience.

A Cloud Native transformation is a complex process, not to be undertaken in haste. It requires the complete transformation of an organisation’s technology as well as human-centered aspects like culture and leadership. Cloud Native is very new, and few companies have deep experience in navigating the architecture’s complexities.

Map Your Transformation

Container Solutions has devised a set of patterns that make it easier for developers, managers, and executives to discuss, learn, and apply the best practices in Cloud Native. These are high-level patterns for strategy and risk reduction, intended to guide decision making—patterns for transforming your organisation and culture to this new way of thinking and working .

ou’ll find these in Container Solutions’s book, Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation, published by O’Reilly.


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