Cloud Native Operations


Ops will make room for innovation, or get in its way. Build reliable systems, upskill your engineers and innovate continuously with Cloud Native Operations.


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What is Cloud Native Operations (CNO)?

It’s what we do to take your incident handling from reactive to preventive. With CNO, we work with your engineers to make your system more robust and resilient, so it becomes realistically and sustainably reliable.

When your system is reliable, your teams are freed up to focus on innovation. 


It’s 24/7 support for your applications and management of technical debt using error budgets
It’s building reliable systems and upskilling your engineers to make innovation possible
It’s continuous improvement and measuring what matters so you don’t create alert fatigue and apathetic teams

What to expect working with us?

SRE - with a sustainable, scalable and subscription-based twist

Asset 12-1Production Readiness Review

We inspect code, design,implementation, and operational procedures to find out reliability gaps in your system.

Asset 10Onboarding

We set up objectives, indicators, monitoring and observability. We also do workshops on SLIs/SLOs.

Asset 11Production Readiness Upgrade

If critical blockers are found, we address them with a Production Readiness Upgrade to expedite improvements.

Asset 9Operations

On-call incident response, fire drills and chaos testing to meet reliability objectives, prevent root causes and capacity to innovate.


Let’s build systems that work 24/7, so you don’t have to.

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Get insight into balancing innovation and stability.

While you can’t avoid the risk that comes with innovation, you can manage it.


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