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What is your Cloud Native Maturity?



What is a Cloud Native Transformation (CNT)?

As everything changes, every disruption either becomes a threat or an opportunity. The difference lies in how well your tech, culture and strategy is designed to respond to change (or create it).

Using our holistic Cloud Native Maturity Matrix, we see where you are across 9 categories that plot your strategy, cultural and tech state.

When we know where you are, we can see where you should go next and design exactly how to do that. This is where we consider the everyday adjustments, technological changes and what the overall strategy should look like.

How we build your foundation for change:



This is the strategy phase. Through our Cloud Native Assessment (CNA) we map your situation (using our Maturity Matrix) and set a strategy (using our patterns) aligned with your business goals. 

Together, we create your transformation roadmap to become a Cloud Native organisation. We help define your end-to-end vision for adopting Cloud Native, including your business objectives and transformation plans for the organisation.

To finalise the strategy, we help understand the cultural impacts of the adoption on the organisation. We also build the roadmap to leverage the new practices.


Our Innovation Hub is where change begins. It includes dedicated, cross-functional teams that co-create the foundation (Minimum Viable Product) for change. Using Design Thinking, we bring together a series of design techniques, such as personas, empathy maps, as-is scenarios, design ideation, to-be-scenarios and various other techniques to create a MVP.

We consider how your organisation should adopt Cloud Native development practises to help your teams collaborate and produce high-quality code that you can automatically deliver with high confidence to production. This is where we create a repeatable, automated, continuous delivery process.


We build upon the foundation of the Design Phase, apply what we’ve learned and scale to become production-ready, while we continue to build-up knowledge in your organisation with targeted education and constant mentoring.

We do this with support from our Cloud Native Engineering - from a functional and non-functional perspective applying practises from the Design Phase.

As the first user will use the platform or service, the Run phase starts. Here we introduce Reliability Engineering. We see where the gaps in your architecture or design are. 

At this point, we start shifting from fast innovation into high reliability and gradually introduce tighter metrics to drive reliability, while maintaining the required speed and innovation.


The new platform serves its first customers. We prepare your teams to maintain the new system on their own by applying Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practises, or offer 24/7 Cloud Native Operations

The platform now operates at speed and will be continuously improved. No matter where they run, your applications and platforms must be managed to ensure availability, security, and quality. We use Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and Error Budgets as a way to measure and manage reliability and velocity with you.

The world is changing.
The only way to survive it, is to build for it.

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