Cloud Native Assessment


How do you accelerate the value from going Cloud Native?

Reveal where your organisation is strategically, culturally and technically. With this in-depth and holistic approach, we give the unique and urgent insight that creates the clarity, confidence and certainty needed to accelerate your Cloud Native journey.


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What is Cloud Native Assessment (CNA)?

A fast-paced and efficient 6-week assessment deliberately designed to be light-touch and collect information, conduct workshops, and come to constructive, pragmatic and powerful recommendations to get your organisation closer to Cloud Native maturity. For an in-depth and honest assessment, we consider information across all levels - from senior leaders to stakeholders and engineers to executives.

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Why do it - and why now?

Only 30% of digital transformations* succeed. Most stall, fail or create irreversible and expensive chaos. With your Cloud Native Assessment, we will reveal how to build a foundation designed to adapt to change. Our assessment and deep expertise paves the way for ERP system implementation, revenue growth and scaling your technical capabilities to safely transform as and when you need to.


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Grow from €40 million to €4 billion in revenue with your ecommerce platform.

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Reduce downtime and keep your systems reliable.

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Innovate and improve, continuously - at speed and scale.

How does it work?

You get a truly objective assessment of:

  • Your technical capabilities - readiness to adapt to change, skill gaps and system health

  • Your culture - does your culture invite innovative thinking? Is it one of safety, trust and experimentation?

  • Your organisational state - do your practices get in the way or do they allow you to act fast, adapt to change, get the most out of your technical capabilities and retain great teams?

These findings will help define your end-to-end transformation vision. Together, we create your guide towards Cloud Native maturity.

At the root of it all, we understand the cultural impact of this adoption on your organisation. This is how you retain and inspire excellent teams to support your ongoing changes and achieve business success.



The CNA Timeline

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No two assessments are the same. After the initial workshop, everything is adapted to your organisation's challenges, goals and culture.



When we're done, you get:

A presentation outlining the high-level findings and recommendations for next steps towards Cloud Native maturity; steps that should result in quicker releases, better team communication, a more reliable platform and more psychological safety for your organisation to foster innovation.

A detailed report that will give you direction and an understanding of the next strategic, cultural and technical steps to take.

Readiness for the Design phase - this is where we eliminate risk, move fast and work towards defining an MVP (Minimum Viable Platform, Product, Pipeline or Process). This is the next phase of our proven and trusted TDBR methodology - specifically tailored according to your CNA outcome.


Readiness to move from Think to Design

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Cloud Native Maturity Matrix

Cloud Native Patterns

Cloud Native Transformation

TDBR (Think Design Build Run)

Shift happens. Are you keeping up or setting the pace?

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