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About Us

Our company was founded by people who know change is inevitable, and wanted to give businesses the ability to not only survive but thrive. We live and breathe the principles of a Cloud Native organisation. Decisions are made by collaboration and the fearless sharing of ideas, not through a top-down hierarchy. We are scattered around Europe and North America and know how to work in a decentralised way that's right in step with what businesses need now. We help our people and our customers build their skills and develop into industry leaders who can navigate an uncertain future.
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What You Can Expect

If you choose us to help you with a project, we will forge a collaborative relationship, based on mutual respect and learning. Our methods reduce risk in Cloud Native transformations and generate more value from Cloud Native tech. You will get support in forming strategy and modernising your culture. Your teams will learn new skills. You will get hands-on engineering help, and your company will innovate and deliver for customers faster than ever. 


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We guide organisations through Cloud Native transformations, helping them marshal the culture, strategy, and technology needed to be successful. But you can also ask us for customised training sessions to increase your teams’ skills, assessments to evaluate your readiness for Cloud Native production, professional services to jumpstart that readiness, and Customer Reliability Engineering, so you don't have to trade innovation for platform reliability. These case studies share what we and our partners have learned together.

Our Proven Method for Cloud Native Transformation

Collaborating with enterprises over the years has helped us develop a four-stage process—Think Design Build Run, or TDBR—to guide you through the complexities of a Cloud Native transformation, reducing risk as you go. TDBR helps you think about and identify your challenges and opportunities; experiment to eliminate wrong moves and design your ideal solutions; build systems tailored to your needs; and run the results on your own (or, if you prefer, with our help).

  • Full Cloud Native Migration Path
  • 24/7 Customer Reliability Engineering Support
  • Professional Services
  • Educational program
  • Marketing

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  • the Software Circus
  • Cloud Native Transformation Patterns
  • Google
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  • Atos
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Guiding companies to the cloud and helping them find the right solutions for them is what we love to do. Reach out to talk to one of our experts about how we might join your Cloud Native journey.

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