Professional Services

What are Container Solutions’ Professional Services Packages?

In our five years of guiding enterprises to the cloud, we have learned that some companies want to start small. We love leading our clients through a Cloud Native transformation from start to finish, but we also now offer nine service packages, most of which can be completed in anywhere from two to six weeks. (Two can be completed in one to three days!) They are a great way to get the help you need quickly, and to begin a relationship with our experts. 

Our service packages include:

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GKE Onboard

This package is for businesses that want to use a managed Kubernetes on Google Cloud. Chances are, you’re familiar with Kubernetes. But you are not certain how to set up a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) in a way that allows for easy collaboration using best practices. 

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GCP Onboard

If your company is planning to use the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services but isn’t sure how to onboard teams and people to the platform properly, this service package is designed for you. It will give you a rapid kickstart on GCP, regardless of what services will be used eventually.

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Istio Onboard

This package is aimed at customers who wish to use Istio as a service mesh. You might want it because your engineers are running a lot of microservices and they want an overview of what is doing what and when (including alerting), to standardize the way services talk to each other, or to build stronger security in the Kubernetes cluster.

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This package aims to provide a robust Prometheus setup along with the metrics, dashboards and alerts tailored to your specific needs. We will use of a pre-existing Kubernetes cluster to deploy the Prometheus stack and will use either our own demo application or your app to initially monitor workloads through the new setup.

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CI/CD: GitOps Workflow

If your engineers use some kind of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tools already, but are not entirely satisfied with them, we offer two packages for you. 

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Microservices Evaluation

We offer two packages to help you find out if you are on the right path. Our one-day Production-Readiness Review (PRR) will evaluate existing services and infrastructure platforms against a set of operational criteria.

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Technical Assessment 

Just starting out? Uncertain about which direction to go or how to resolve a software problem? This is where the Technical Assessment comes in.
A handpicked Container Solutions team will bring their knowledge and experience to help make the right decisions and create solutions that last. Sometimes, creating the right solution starts with a Technical Assessment focussed on a single problem.

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GoingLive Support

Container Solutions will support you with a smooth start of production of your Cloud Native System, which is the final milestone of a successful implementation project and when customer value is created. This service reduces the risks that come from non-optimal systems and processes. It ensures a technically robust operation from the beginning and therefore protects your business.

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A forum for giving managers honest feedback, popularised by Pixar, is now being offered by Container Solutions to help you steer your Cloud Native initiatives. This one-day service convenes a group of Container Solutions experts to tackle an ongoing project. It’s aimed to help you determine early whether you’re on the track, so you can catch mistakes early, and will be  less likely to waste valuable time on things that don’t matter. Braintrusts are about growth, compassion, and efficiency.

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