Transform your business
with Cloud Native strategy,
culture and technology.

Don’t spend €2m and 5 years on what we can
do with you, a whiteboard and cup of tea.


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What a digital transformation through
Cloud Native technology looks like:


€40 million to €4 billion
earnings from your own
e-commerce platform


15 minutes is
how soon a bug fix can
be in production


Go from 4 to 20
deployments a day
(in six months)

who we are

Who we are

Container Solutions helps businesses with Cloud
Native Transformations - from the beginning to the
end and everything in between.


About Us

What we do

If you're at the beginning of your journey (or in the middle of a stalled cloud migration), we help you become Cloud Native with a Cloud Native Transformation.

If you're a Mature Cloud Native organisation, we help you run your Cloud Native applications reliably with Cloud Native Ops.


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what we do

Cloud Native Transformations (CNT) considers the holistic change needed to become Cloud Native. We look at the strategy, culture and tech of your organisation, and use our proven methodology to get you closer to your business goals.

Cloud Native Operations (CNO) is for Mature Cloud Native organisations. We help with Site Reliability Engineering, upskilling your engineers and enabling continuous innovation.


Why you need
Cloud Native

When you can’t respond as quickly as you need to, you fall behind. The Innovator’s Dilemma occurs when your customer needs outpace your technical capabilities. 


Being Cloud Native is what supports
let’s-change-the-world ideas, gutsy optimism, and future-proof thinking.


Deploy more quickly
and frequently


Build self-healing systems that work 24/7


Get constant feedback that
you can act on in real time


Build and retain
good teams


Cloud Native Maturity Matrix

(or 'How Cloud Native Is Your Organisation?')

Whether you’re just starting or in the middle of a stalled transformation, the Cloud Native Maturity Matrix will reveal your gaps, need state and next steps.

It considers software, organisational, cultural and strategic contexts.


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How can your organisation become Cloud Native?


Our (proven and effective) Cloud Native Transformation methodology is called TDBR: Think Design Build Run...

“Container Solutions' helped scale and enable
more frequent releases to our customers.”

Arnaud Rinquin, a senior product engineer at Slite.


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