WTF is the Impact of Cloud Native: Broader Skill Sets=Better Job Security

WTF is the Impact of Cloud Native?

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WTF is the Impact of Cloud Native?

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Now, back to the potential of Cloud Native: empowering everyone at every layer by harnessing tech and culture equally. This month, we’re bridging the gap between the ideal state and true state of Cloud Native in practice.

In a jam-packed, insight-flowing, expert-led episode of Hacking the Org, Charles Humble speaks to Apostolis (aka Toli) Apostolidis and Andy Norton from cinch. They dive into team enablement, Team Topologies, cross-functional teams, system elasticity, SRE and what else it’s taken to become arguably one of the UKs most successful startups.

Innovation needs experimentation. Experimentation needs the ability to fail. Having been involved at organisational transformations at five companies, Charles Humble outlines how to make failure work for your org.

Experiential learning paves the way. It’s essentially what made successful legacy enterprises the powerhouses they are today. Pini Reznik (Container Solutions Co-founder and CTO) argues that young companies forget that these organisations were once revolutionary themselves and asks how does a startup age gracefully

We need well-rounded teams, not burnt-out individuals. Jennifer Riggins looks at the unignorable advantages of T-shaped developers and full-stack teams. What skills actually make a difference? What do those skills mean for job security, agility and business value? 

Ready? Let’s go!

WTF is the Impact of Cloud Native
How to Build a Full-stack Team of T-shaped Developers - author 579x380


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