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A Deep Dive Into The Ever-Evolving World Of Cloud Native

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What the F*&k is Cloud Native?

It’s technology. It’s strategy. No, wait, it’s culture. Or maybe, it’s key to fighting climate change — and inequality? Buckle up and join us as we look for all sorts of answers.


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“The internet survived because it’s decentralised and democratic, not because it’s completely solid."— Anne Currie on how CDNs are saving the world



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3 4 Questions: WTF Is Cloud Native?

In our recurring feature we ask Daniel Bryant, director of dev relations at Ambassador Labs, WTF the deal is with developer platforms and more WTFs. 

WTF Is SRE?: a Conference for SREs by SREs

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a fast-growing field, with more companies seeing the need to not just keep their systems running but continuously improve them. Register for our virtual conference coming up May 20, WTF is SRE?: The lineup is getting better every day: Liz Rice, Liz Fong-Jones, Ryn Daniels, Emily Freeman, Alex Hidalgo, and many more. 


Cloud Native Transformation: Get the Book 

Jamie Dobson and Pini Reznik distill years of experience with Cloud Native migrations in their critically acclaimed book, Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation. It includes over 70 patterns and lessons from real transformations—all wrapped up in great storytelling. For a limited time, you can get a free download.  

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Case Study: How Slite Scaled Up to Meet Pandemic Demand

See how Slite, which helps other companies go remote, scaled up fast to meet exploding demand. Get insight into where advanced GitOps practices, Google Cloud Support ,and help from Container Solutions gets you. 

WTF Is Inter-Process 

Charlotte Mach and Cari Liebenberg offer a guide to choosing how the services in your applications will talk to each other. 





WTF Is Policy as Code?

Anders Eknert

April 6, 2021





Waiting for WTF Is SRE ...

22 April 2021 – Remote (of course!)

Join our pre-WTF Is SRE conference Meetup! Luca Relandini, principal architect as Ciscowill cover a few use cases for Infrastructure as code in multicloud.

WTF is Platform as Product@2x

WTF Is Platform as a Product?

 29 April 2021 - Remote

Join Matthew Skelton, co-author of Team Topologies, and Jamie Dobson (our CEO), as they discuss WTF it means to treat your platforms as products and the advantages it brings. 


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