WTF Are the Submission Guidelines?

WTF Is Cloud Native, brought to you by Container Solutions, is a monthly newsletter, website, and media brand that aims to define and redefine Cloud Native.

WTF considers Cloud Native to include:

- Technology
- Strategy 
- Culture
- A potential tool for environmental sustainability
- A gateway to equal opportunities for people around the globe.

We want to share what we’ve learned about Cloud Native, but we want to hear from our community. What’s your sizzling hot take on Cloud Native? Do you have a tale about a Cloud Native transformation full of twists, turns, and hard lessons learned the hard way? Have you discovered something cool about Cloud Native that others might like to know? If so, we’d like you to contribute to future installments of WTF.


Who are you trying to reach with WTF?

Everyone who cares about Cloud Native, or would if they knew more about it: developers, engineers, project managers, technical team leads, managers of engineers, and their bosses in the C suite. We hope middle managers especially benefit from WTF, but everyone’s welcome at our house. 

What kind of stuff are you looking for?

Bring us your most unruly opinions about some aspect of Cloud Native-- how and why it’s so often done wrong, why it’s a boon (or a bane) to the environment, why monoliths and waterfall get a bad rap, why GItOps is your personal Jesus (or not), why edge computing is going to make energy-devouring data centres obsolete. 

Also give us first dibs on your case studies. What happened when your organisation ‘moved to the cloud’? Did everything go to hell in a handbasket? How did you figure things out? Did you learn some things you are willing to share? 

Finally, we want you to tell us where Cloud Native’s future lies. Who are the up-and-coming thought leaders you follow on Twitter, and why? What’s the next tool that will truly change how we work? (We would want to hear from users, not vendors, in that case.) What big, nagging problem does Cloud Native need to solve next, and who’s working on it?

We are happy to consider any of this for blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks, or even ideas for panel discussions and webinars.

How do I submit an idea to this WTF thing?

Pop an email to us at  If you have already written your article, simply submit the draft and we will evaluate it.  If not, be sure to include a paragraph that describes your idea and what takeaway people will get from it. 

Or better yet: fill out our Content Proposal form, which you can access here.

How long should I wait for a response?

You will hear back in 48 hours, 72 if we’re really slammed. If you need to hear back because you want to pitch your idea elsewhere if we’re not interested, give us a deadline in your email or Content Proposal form. 

If my idea is accepted, how long should I write?

For blogs, we shoot for roughly 1,000-1,500 words. Whitepaper are more like 2,000-3,000 words. Most e-books hover around 5,000 words. Your editor will give you guidance.  Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee publication until we have a final draft of the article.

How should I submit my precious words?

Share your precious words with us as a Google Doc, or send them to us as a Pages or Word document. We will edit to align with our editorial style, and we’ll iterate together with you to prepare your piece for publication.

You will have a chance to see your submission before it’s published and to scream at us if you hate something. (We’re pretty good at collaboration though here at WTF HQ, so by that stage, there should be no nasty surprises.)

Keep it simple.  No fancy fonts or formatting. But if you want to add relevant material that enhances the reader’s experience (a GitHub repository, a study, an HBR article, etc.) go ahead and add those links to your text.

For images: It’s fine to plunk them down into your document to show where you want to place something, but also please send high-resolution JPEGs or PNGs as separate attachments. 

If you have photographs, please provide a photo credit. We do not pay for photos at this time, so please make sure you have permission to use it.

Code snippets: Actual copied-and-pasted code snippets are better than screenshots, but if you only have screen shots, please also send those as attachments. If you have code snippets, please tell us what language they’re in, so they can be styled properly for the web.

I published my submission elsewhere first. Is that a problem?

It is. WTF seeks only content that’s exclusive to us. So, sorry, no sloppy seconds. 

If, after your piece appears, you want to place it elsewhere (on your own blog, on Medium, etc.), you can do so after four weeks from the date of publication, provided that a link appears on that site leading back to its appearance on WTF and includes the attribution, ‘This article was originally published by WTF Is Cloud Native, brought to you by Container Solutions.’