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Seeking the Best Approaches to Cloud Native Software Development

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We’re Still Asking: WTF Is Cloud Native Software Development?

Last month we spoke/wrote/shared/pondered about GitOps, microservices versus monolith, Cloud Native’s lifespan, and a bunch of cool, technical topics. 

We’re keeping the energy as we explore more WTFs in our sixth edition of WTF is Cloud Native. Our ultimate answer when asking this question is, without a doubt, Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation. 

Furthermore, we’re asking whether CDNs saved the world in 2020. We ask WTF is API versioning and why do some people hate it? We carry on with policy as code. With our events we’re getting into social coding and platform as a product

Buckle up. This is a ride through Cloud Native territory! 

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Did CDNs Save the World? 


We’re tackling different approaches to Cloud Native software development, with a big friendly focus on GitOps. Let’s crack scalability, resilience, autonomy, and helping our engineers keep the momentum going. 

Naturally, we’ve got a free ebook on this. Updated due to popular demand, Ian Miell brings us GitOps: What You Need to Know Now. (For good measure, Ian has also contributed a blog post this month on GitOps decisions.)

We’re adding more to the microservices vs. monolith discussion; tackling what it takes to upskill a team by talking to the team itself, and we’ve got one of our favourite Cloud Native Transformation case studies for you. Welcome to WTF is Cloud Native. We hope you enjoy your time here. 

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Got Something to Say?

Well, WTF are you waiting for? 

Share your ideas about Cloud Native: its technology, strategy, culture, potential for fighting climate change and inequality, and how it can make you taller and improve your love life. Give us a shout. Check out our submission guidelines.

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