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WTF is the Future of Cloud Native Software?

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WTF is the future of Cloud Computing - for business, planet and people? 

Well, who knows? The wonderful thing is that we can be part of creating it. With so many engineers, movements against gate-keeping and more diverse input, it could go a number of ways. 

In this month’s issue of WTF is Cloud Native? our chief scientist, Adrian Mouat, gives his predictions on WASM, Blockchain and… a Kubernetes rival. He leaves us with a nod to quantum computing which leads us neatly to Holly Cummins’ fantastic piece on Cloud Native quantum - she talks cats, risk management and fridges (note: this is one of the best pieces on quantum computing we’ve ever read). 

Considering the future much closer to us all, Jennifer Riggins looks at the reality of hybrid working and what makes it so difficult to crack. Surprise, surprise: the answer is in organisational culture. 

Ready? Let’s get technical. Let’s get hypothetical.





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