WTF Is Ethical Software Development? Why Does It Matter?

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The right, the wrong and the in-between: we’re asking WTF are Cloud Ethics?

This month, we’re looking at ethics and we’re going all in. The topics we’re looking at sound like they come straight from the movies! We’ve got our ethics evangelist, Anne Currie, sharing an excellent guide to navigating ethical dilemmas. She gets specific. You ready? Download the ebook for FREE

WTF is Cloud Native Managing Editor Charles Humble, and Container Solutions Editor-In-Chief Heather Joslyn, take a look at why we should care about ethical software development at all—and what the fallout is if we don’t. 

We’ve got contributions on tech’s impact on the planet (and what we can do about it) from IBM’s Holly Cummins. Charles Humble takes a look at the Ofqual algorithm debacle in an overtly effective demonstration of how bad tech ruins lives. In preparation for our huge, epic, free WTF Is SRE? conference, Carla Gaggini takes us through the importance of event safety and why you need a code of conduct. 

Ready? Let’s get technical. Let’s get ethical. 



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