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Going Live Support


We guide you to a smooth start of production and technically robust operations.

Container Solutions will support you with a smooth start of production of your Cloud Native System, which is the final milestone of a successful implementation project and when customer value is created. This service reduces the risks that come from non-optimal systems and processes. It ensures a technically robust operation from the beginning and therefore protects your business.

Container Solutions will review your platform, infrastructure, or software in a standardised procedure and will give recommendations ensuring optimal performance and system availability. Our engineers and consultants will work jointly with your teams to mitigate risks. 

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What to Expect

The GoingLive Check prepares your infrastructure so that, from the start of production, it runs with optimal performance, availability,  and maintainability. Our service delivers numerous benefits by:   

  • Providing recommendations for optimal configuration    
  • Giving detailed suggestions for improvements
  • Improvement implementation support

You save time and money by using Container Solutions'  experience, which has been gained through our work with enterprises in a variety of industries. We help companies complications from the very beginning.

Delivery Time

This professional service can be delivered in 2 weeks.

This service can be combined with Consultancy and Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE).

Let’s take the next step together

Guiding companies to the cloud and helping them find the right solutions for them is what we love to do. Reach out to talk to one of our experts about how we might join your Cloud Native journey.

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