Cloud Native Patterns to Map Your Transformation

Cloud Native is more than just a technology or toolset. It is a philosophical approach for building applications that take full advantage of cloud computing. This new paradigm requires not only embracing new technology but also a new way of working—which makes going Cloud Native an extensive undertaking. The payoff is immense, but in order to reach it, an organisation must evolve not just its tech stack but also its culture and processes.

Patterns for Success

Cloud Native systems are very new and innately complex. This means organisations that try moving to the cloud will likely fail to deliver even the table stakes of good system design: being stable, efficient, and fit for their purpose. 

That’s where patterns can help. 

Based on our experience in helping enterprises move to the cloud, Container Solutions has devised a set of patterns that make it easier for developers, managers, and executives to discuss, learn, and apply the best practices in Cloud Native. These are high-level patterns for strategy and risk reduction, intended to guide decision making—patterns for transforming your organization and culture to this new way of thinking and working. 

There is no one design that will work well in every circumstance, and so design patterns must be context-specific. Among the things you should consider: 

  • Your teams’ skill levels
  • Internal support for the project
  • The  project’s timeframe 
  • Budgets 
  • Your existing tools and infrastructure

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